Writing Prompt Ideas – Family of Geese Moved Off Interstate

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May 7, 2014

Writing Prompt Ideas

I was watching our local news today (I live in the Chicago suburbs so it’s a fairly large NBC affiliate) and was totally amused by the fact that reporters kept breaking back to live video covering a family of geese with a police escort on a major interstate. Apparently the geese got stuck there and didn’t know how to get to safety. Thankfully, the police and Illinois Department of Transportation stepped in and guided this family to a safer place. This story was one of those rare feel-good stories that I definitely enjoy far more than the typical sad and disturbing news. Here is footage of the event:

As I was watching this (and making oohing and ahhing and “that’s so cute” sounds while my son made fun of me) I thought how it would make a great story. I also wanted to know where the family would ultimately wind up and if they were aware of the adventure they had just survived. So, are you coming up with names of these little guys in your head? Thinking of happy endings? What do you think your students or children would say? Have them watch the video and come up with their own stories (could be an ending to this one, or even a totally different story inspired by this goose family). Maybe they’ll even come up with their own writing prompt ideas!

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Do you have favorite writing prompt ideas? I would love to hear them so please leave a comment below!

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