January 27, 2017

It’s Friday! Yay! I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday with 5 fun ways to help kids learn Spanish animal names. Thank you for hosting, Kacey!

Spanish Animal Names – Video

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Spanish Animal Names – Books

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Younger readers can begin to learn a new language with these brightly colored Spanish/English board books that show pictures of familiar animals. Full color. Baby/Preschool.

From Publishers Weekly: English and Spanish translations of familiar words appear side-by-side in four bilingual board books by Rebecca Emberley-My Animals/Mis Animales; My Clothes/Mi Ropa; My Food/Mi Comida; and My Toys/Mis Juguetes-all illustrated with colorful fabric collage against a stark white background. Each object or concept gets its own page, but clever pairings (e.g., “car/el auto” featuring a red car and “truck/el camion” depicting a blue and yellow truck) make the most of each spread.

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This book will increase your child’s vocabulary by associating words in both Spanish and English with beautiful pictures.

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Twenty-nine large, easy-to-color pictures invite kids to accompany a family on a trip to the zoo. In addition to viewing bison, a tiger, lions, a mother giraffe with her baby, and a giant turtle, they’ll see members of the staff feeding seals and other animals.

Suitable for ages 4 to 8, this book features simple captions in both Spanish and English.

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Spanish Animal Names – Games

Games are always a great way of teaching a foreign language, and it is no exception for teaching Spanish animal names. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Kids love bingo, and this great version in by eeBoo teaches Spanish words in a fun way! Includes animals as well as other topics.

For ages 5 and up
6 game boards
48 playing pieces
Red cloth bag included

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Teach and reinforce animal vocab in a way that students enjoy! Whip out these cards on game day and let the fun begin. There are three ways to play that students know and love: “El Chupacabras” (Old Maid), “¡A pescar!” (Go Fish!) and “Juego de pares” (matching game). No matter what method your students choose, the goal is the same: match the picture to the correct Spanish word! This card set is perfect for your visual learners, and can remind your whole classroom that learning vocabulary is FUN! ©2014. Four players. Contains 49 playing cards and instructions. Beginning level.

Spanish Animal Names

I absolutely love playing Yo tengo…¿quién tiene? to reinforce vocabulary. This is a great one for practicing Spanish animal names from Spanish Mama. Even better, it is FREE!

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Spanish Animal Names – Printable Cards

Animal Cards Preview 1

I created this set of 52 animal cards as an easy way to assign seats in my elementary Spanish classroom. I printed 2 sets of them out on cardstock, laminated them, then cut them out and taped one card to each student’s desk/table spot. As students came into my room I handed each a card and instructed them to find its match (and that would be their seat). As I collected the cards from the students, I reinforced the Spanish animal name for the whole class. I also used the 2 sets of cards to play memory, Pictionary, and other fun games. They have tons of great uses, including being perfect for pairing up or grouping students! Get yours by clicking here (and thank you for supporting my TPT store)!

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Spanish Animal Names – Puzzles

Puzzles are always a favorite with kids, and they are a fun way to learn the names of Spanish animals. Here are a few that I really love:

Ingenio Bilingual Learning Puzzle – Animals

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  • Bilingual learning puzzle
  • Colorful and fun illustrations of jungle animals
  • Learn English and Spanish names of animals
  • Durable and extra thick pieces store easily in the re-usable box
  • 38 piece puzzle – Measures 14″ x 20″

Ingenio Zafari Animal Alphabet Puzzle (English And Spanish)

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  • Three fun ways to play and learn the alphabet and animals, beautifully illustrated images and brilliant photographs makes this a fun activity puzzle
  • Bilingual – learn the alphabet and animal names in English and Spanish
  • Self correcting puzzle fosters independent learning and matching skills
  • Durable and extra thick pieces store easily in re-usable box
  • Includes 27 puzzle cards and 27 diecut letters

Here are a few more resources to help teach the names of animals in Spanish:

What is your favorite way of teaching kids Spanish animal names? Please leave a comment and share! Have a fabulous weekend!!

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