Digital Flashcards in Spanish for Así Se Dice Ch. 3


Digital flashcards in Spanish are a perfect way to help kids review vocabulary while learning remotely! This set of flashcards directly corresponds to the Spanish words in Chapter 2 of Así se Dice. Save time and energy by simply assigning these digital flashcards in Google Classroom or other platforms.

This set of digital flashcards in Spanish includes:

  • 132 digital flashcards (one set with the English word, and one with the Spanish word)
  • An index that is linked to each slide for easy reference. Each slide includes a button that the user can click to return to the index.

You can also download the file as a PDF from Google Slides and print the file to use the flashcards on paper.

Flashcards in Spanish are an Easy Way to Boost Learning

Flashcards are a perfect way to help kids learn Spanish! These digital and paperless flashcards are perfect for distance learning, paperless classrooms, or for learning on the go! Use on your iPad, Chromebook, laptop, computer, phone, or interactive whiteboard. This set helps kids learn or practice the Spanish words that are from Así Se Dice 1 Chapter 3, en clase y después.

These are great for middle school through high school - anyone who wants to practice the Spanish words for family, house, furniture, as well as some prepositions and verbs!

Words include:

1. after

2. backpack

3. bad

4. because

5. before

6. blouse

7. book

8. calculator

9. cash register

10. cell phone

11. classroom

12. computer

13. desk

14. during

15. DVD

16. far

17. folder

18. good

19. how much does it cost?

20. Look

21. money

22. MP3 player

23. music

24. near

25. notebook

26. pants

27. pen

28. pencil

29. question

30. salesperson

31. school

32. school supplies

33. sheet of paper

34. shirt

35. skirt

36. store

37. to answer

38. to be

39. to buy

40. to get a grade

41. to give

42. to give a test

43. to go

44. to go back

45. to go on foot

46. to listen

47. to look at

48. to look for

49. to need

50. to pay

51. to pay attention

52. to raise one's hand

53. to send an e-mail

54. to speak

55. to study

56. to surf the Web

57. to teach

58. to use

59. to wear

60. to work

61. uniform

62. what's going on?

63. when?

64. where?

65. why?


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