December 9, 2010


Who doesn’t love Popcorn? Not only is it my favorite snack (and sometimes meal!), it makes a wonderful teaching resource!

Here are some great resources for you to try out – please leave a comment sharing your experience if you do!!

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1. POPCORN.ORG. You can also request a FREE Teacher’s Guide by clicking here.

2. Language Arts/Descriptive Spelling Lesson.

3. 5 Lessons For Teaching (includes Geography, History, Math, Nutrition & Science lessons).

4. 20 More Lessons for Teaching about Popcorn (from Education World) – number of great teacher-created activities with approximate grade levels for each lesson indicated in parentheses.

5. Kindergarten Lesson Plan to Teach About the Letter P

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6. Nice Collection of Lessons and Activities

7. Assortment of Games and Activities

8. Collection of Activities For Homeschooled Kids

9. PILES OF POPCORN – An elementary reading comprehension printable worksheet on a story about children and piles of this yummy treat. The story is appropriate for individual or guided reading. Use this lesson to help build reading skills and reading readiness. Also good for general reading practice.

10. Preschool and Kindergarten Activities

11. Lesson Plans and Other Resources from Lesson Planet ($)

12. Snowman Activity/Recipe – Super cute no-bake activity that kids will love personalizing any time of year—no snow required!

13. Let’s Get Poppin’ with Adjectives! ($)

14. SMART Notebook Lesson (can be used for a variety of subjects) – Students pick a kernel with a koosh ball. The kernel will link students to a Smart Response question. This game can be used with any content.

15. Science for All Five Senses! This activity is an appetizing way to teach your kindergartener what the five senses are all about!

Smart Snacks Count ‘Em Up Popcorn

Here are some printables as well:

Finally, we can’t forget these fun popcorn books!

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Or Grab All 5 (Including the Bingo Game) for 20% Off!


Thanksgiving is a special time of the year when families come together to express gratitude and celebrate the blessings in their lives. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to engage children in fun and educational activities that will not only keep them entertained but also teach them important lessons about the holiday. In this ultimate guide to Thanksgiving activities for kids, we have explored various ways to make this Thanksgiving season memorable for students and children.

We began by highlighting the importance of Thanksgiving activities for kids. These activities offer a chance for children to learn about the history and significance of Thanksgiving, as well as develop important skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. With a wide range of crafts, games, and educational resources, you can keep your children engaged and entertained throughout the holiday season.

We then delved into the fun and educational Thanksgiving crafts for kids. From creating handmade Thanksgiving cards to making adorable turkey decorations, these crafts not only provide an opportunity for kids to showcase their creativity but also serve as a wonderful way to bond with classmates and family members. The festive Thanksgiving games for kids were another highlight, offering exciting ways to keep children active and entertained during this festive time.

Additionally, we explored educational Thanksgiving activities for kids, which included lessons and digital teaching resources. These resources are designed to enrich children’s understanding of Thanksgiving by incorporating educational elements into their activities. We also provided Thanksgiving teaching ideas, such as printables and storytelling recommendations, to help you create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for your students and children.

Lastly, we discussed Spanish Thanksgiving teaching ideas, allowing children to explore the holiday from a multicultural perspective. By incorporating Spanish vocabulary and cultural elements into their activities, children can broaden their horizons and develop an appreciation for diversity. If you are interested in more Spanish activities, a great place to start is this post introducing Spanish colors with lots of info and freebies!

As you can see, there are countless ways to make Thanksgiving a memorable and educational experience for children. Check out the various lessons and Thanksgiving activities for kids now, and create lasting memories this Thanksgiving season!




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