March 4, 2014

March 4 is National Grammar Day!

National Grammar Day was established in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG) and author of Things That Make Us [Sic]. 

Ok, I admit it, I am “one of those” people who cringe when poor grammar is used (partially due to the teacher in me, and partially due to my unwaivering Type A personality). 🙂 Therefore, I was pretty excited to find out that there is an actual day to celebrate good grammar and perhaps “persuade” some offenders to change their ways. 😉

There is actually a website for National Grammar Day with some fun resources (even a song created just for the event)! Click here to see all of the fun! Here are some more great resources to help you teach your students and your own children proper grammar.

National Grammar Day

In honor of National Grammar Day, Scholastic has a great list of seven common hang-ups for kids and parents, saying that “these are the mistakes you don’t want to make.” Definitely check out these commonly made mistakes so you don’t make them yourself in the future!!

 While you’re celebrating National Grammar Day, check out this fun article from CNN that was published on 3/3/14 highlighting some of the worst grammar fails.

Here are some fun online activities and games to help kids practice (you know, so they don’t grow up to be one of “those” adults)!

Finally, here are some great resources to check out for your classroom or for your own kids (or yourself - hey, we all need practice, right?)

Have a fun National Grammar Day!

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