March 15, 2021

Basketball background describing free March Madness Activities for Kids

March Madness Activities for Kids

Lesson Plans and more for the NCAA Basketball Tournament

**UPDATED 3/24/16, 2/7/19, 3/3/20, and 3/11/22 TO ADD MORE RESOURCES!** Get your March Madness bracket ready!

Is your March Madness bracket ready? The NCAA Tournament starts soon and March Madness will officially be upon us. Why not use this fun basketball tournament to engage your students and/or children in some great learning activities?! Here are some great ones to get you started, but don’t hesitate to be creative and come up with some of your own (and if you do, please share)!!! Also, make sure to check out the official NCAA Tournament Site for tons of info and updates.

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First, check out these super fun WebQuests

  • March Madness Webquest: In this WebQuest, students will look at many different areas of math found in the NCAA basketball tournament. Students will use the NCAA bracket to look at all the teams participating in the tournament. The world of math will come alive as students find fractions, decimals, and percents; probability statistics; make predictions, and look for patterns. By the end of this WebQuest, students will be able to relate a variety of math facts to the NCAA tournament and explain the importance of Mathematics in basketball.
  • Interdisciplinary Web Quest for 8th Grade: As officials of the athletic department for your school you are responsible for making the plans for your team to attend the tournament. Travel plans will need to be made, statistics will need to be gathered, possible opponents need to be studied, and a program page will need to be created.

More March Madness Fun!

What are you doing for March Madness? Please share it in a comment!

Don’t forget that St. Patrick’s Day also happens to be the same day that March Madness starts! Find tons of fabulous activities (both English and Spanish!) here: St. Patrick’s Day Teaching Ideas




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