April 28, 2020

Make Math Fun with Pup Quiz™

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Finding ways to make math fun for kids is always a challenge. Since kids learn better when they are engaged, games are a fabulous way to teach math. Therefore, I was really excited to find Pup Quiz™.

make math fun with Pup Quiz

What is Pup Quiz™?

Pup Quiz™ makes math fun by providing Common Core-aligned math tools for students from kindergarten to 5th grade. Specifically, Pup Quiz™ helps kids develop essential math skills such as problem-solving, fact fluency, and number sense. What’s more, the differentiated kit includes seven items that provide numerous games and activities for students at a variety of levels.

In fact, Pup Quiz™ is perfect for use by both teachers and parents. Because Pup Quiz™ was founded by teachers, it recognizes the value of educators’ time. Thus, by providing reusable, high-quality tools, Pup Quiz™ hopes to help teachers maximize their instructional planning and easily meet the needs of their students.

In addition, Pup Quiz™ is perfect for parents seeking to support their child’s learning from home. In particular, the creators designed tangible materials to facilitate learning, strengthen communication, and inform families of student progress. Finally, by using tactile resources, Pup Quiz™ provides an alternative to learning methods that require time on screens and electronics.

What Does Pup Quiz™ Include?

In order to make math fun, Pup Quiz™ features adorable pups that kids love! Together with these pups, each kit includes the following items:

Pup Quiz2

Common Core-Aligned, Multiple-Choice Word Problem Cards with Self-Correcting Content Explanations

Pup Quiz

120 Reusable Fact Automaticity Dry-Erase Worksheets

Pup Quiz3

Flash Card Deck for Addition

Flash Card Deck for Subtraction

Flash Card Deck for Multiplication

Flash Card Deck for Division

Card Deck with 104 Playing Cards

In order to learn more about each of these, click here.

How Does Pup Quiz™ Make Math Fun?

In addition to kids using the included materials for individual learning, they can also be used for a variety of games! Further, the Pup Quiz™ site includes tons of fun games that can be played using the Pup Quiz™ cards. For example, here is a video of the Pup Quiz™ Challenge:

For more games, click here!

As you can see, Pup Quiz™ is a fabulous resource that makes math fun! Therefore, I hope you will head over to their website and learn more about it! If you’ve tried it please leave a comment with your experience!

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