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November 30, 2011

*UPDATED 3/1/14*

Lesson Plans and More Featuring Legos and The Lego Movie

I have always loved Legos, but my 9 year old’s passion for them makes it seem like I hardly like them at all. Yes, I am a Mom, but honestly, my son’s abilities are worth bragging about (if I do say so myself). 🙂 In fact, he has wanted to be an architect since he was 3. Moreover, at around 5 decided that he wants to be a Lego Engineer!

For this reason, he has been completing sets that are designated for 16+ without any help (except for the frequent shouts of “I can’t find the piece I need” followed by nice Mommy crawling on the floor to sift through the piles of bricks to help). An example of his passion is his latest project: London’s Tower Bridge, and boy, was I ever impressed. Here is a picture of him with the finished project:

UPDATED: My son is now 12, and still loves Legos! In fact, here he is with his latest huge projects that he did entirely on his own in just a few weeks!


Hence, my son’s passion really got me thinking that there simply must be some good lesson plans and activities featuring Legos; after all, they certainly teach many subjects, from math to physics and more! I went on a quest to find some and here are the best (in my opinion, anyway)!

Did you know that Lego has a separate education site?

I guess I must have missed this fabulous site somehow! The site indicates that its goal is as follows:

LEGO® Education designs and produces total solutions for preschool environments, schools, and after-school clubs. Our goal is to be part of a child’s entire preschool and school career. We want students to associate LEGO sets with fun-filled, rich learning experiences, and for teachers and childcare professionals to see them as essential tools that engage their students, challenging their creativity and significantly enhancing their knowledge and understanding. We’ve been developing solutions to meet this goal since 1980.

First, to read more about the site’s mission, click here. Honestly, you could get lost in all the great stuff available on this site, so you will definitely have to sit down and check it out for yourself. However, here are a few of my favorite activities found on the site (please note that some of these do require “special” Legos that you will have to order; see below for lessons that only require basic bricks):

  • Build Me a Wall – Students will learn measurement and spacial awareness by following verbal instructions to build a wall. Students must listen carefully to build their wall to the correct dimensions, installing doors and windows along the way. When complete, each wall is combined to form one side of a multi-storied building.
  • Conveyor Curiosity – Students design and construct a conveyor belt powered by alternative energy sources. They then test the speed, durability, and functionality of their design.
  • The History of Measurement – Students learn early forms of measurement and explore why many are considered inaccurate.
  • A Tour of the Solar System – Students will build a LEGO rocket to travel through the solar system.

Lego Movie Teaching Resources

Next, if you haven’t seen the Lego Movie yet, I highly recommend it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did my kids. In addition to lots of laughs and fun, the movie also had a fabulous message (you’ll have to go see it to find out what it is, since I hate spoilers)! Here is the trailer, followed by some great ways to use it as a learning resource:

Additional Lego Lessons and Activities

LEGO Robotics

Legos are an amazing way to introduce kids to engineering! Here are some great resources to help get you started.

  • Lego EngineeringThe aim of this site is to inspire and support teachers to go beyond the basics in bringing LEGO-based engineering to all students. TONS of great resources!!
  • Galileo.org – Nice collection of links to robotics resources
  • Building with MindstormsA place for novices to learn, intermediate builders to become experts, and for experts to share their experience. Mindstorms news, tips, epic creations, and discussions will be posted here.

LEGO Education Resources

LEGO and the Lego Movie Books

Finally, here are some of my favorite Lego sets, some inspired by the Lego Movie, (approved by my son, of course!) that you can use as learning tools or just for some good, clean fun!




What is your favorite way to use Legos? Would love to hear so please leave a comment below!

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