January 26, 2014

Hunger Games Lesson Plans, Printables & More

Hunger Games is a trilogy that’s a favorite of both kids and adults. As such, they are perfect to incorporate when teaching. With this in mind, here is a collection of fabulous Hunger Games resources!

First, a great place to begin your Hunger Games teaching journey is the official Scholastic site. This site contains information about the books, the author, games, book excerpts and much more!

hunger games

Lesson Plans & Other Teaching Resources

First, lesson plans as well as games, assessments, and more to use Hunger Games to teach.


Next, try using these Hunger Games webquests to engage your students or children.


Additionally, use these printables to make teaching Hunger Games fun and exciting for all ages.

Crafts/Games/Miscellaneous Activities

Finally, use these fun crafts, games and more to enhance your classroom, party or more!

Books and Other Related Products

In addition, check out these Hunger Games products for even more ideas!

If you liked The Hunger Games, you may also like these books:

Furthermore, keep the hunger going by reading these dystopian books.

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Also, be sure to check out these amazing resources to use with Percy Jackson & Harry Potter!

Have other Hunger Games ideas or resources? Please leave a comment below to share!




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