January 27, 2011

It is hard to believe that January is almost over (although I am gathering that many of you are not too disappointed about this)! 🙂 Groundhog Day is next week and if you are in a cold place (as I am!) I am sure you are rooting for an early spring! Here are some resources to help teach your students and children about this fun tradition. For lots of great resources visit the official website of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club by clicking on the following image:


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This is the adorable story about a young groundhog who wants to take on the big responsibility of making this year’s big Groundhog Day’s announcement. Only trouble (not in her mind, though!) is that she is a girl. Kids will love the great pictures and fun story.


“When the annual Groundhog Day forecast proves inaccurate in Rabbit’s locale, he encourages Professor Groundhog to open a weather school with students from around the continent. Soon they gather to begin their lessons in GeHOGgraphy, Famous Furry HOGnosicators, nature’s weather predictors, burrow construction, seasons, and shadows. Finally, they graduate and head back home to hibernate until the big day. Although a good bit of information about groundhogs is tucked into the text, captions, and speech balloons, the approach is so varied and so often witty that children will absorb the facts effortlessly. One clever double-page spread shows six animals checking off whether they have what it takes to be a weather forecaster (i.e., a groundhog), while another shows four students in panels, month by month, from October to February 2. The amusing illustrations, colorful paintings digitally collaged with found objects and papers, set the tone for this inviting introduction to groundhogs and the holiday named for them. Preschool-Grade 3.” –Carolyn Phelan (From Booklist)

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