May 21, 2014

Flat Stanley has certainly come a long way from when I read the book (and yes, there was only 1) in the (cough cough) late 1970s! I remember loving the book itself, but now there is SO much more kids can do with this lovable character! There are more books featuring Flat Stanley, and many schools around the world take part in a fun activity to see where in the world Stanley can travel! There is even a musical (my son’s 5th grade class put it on last year and it was terrific)!

So of course I HAD to do a post dedicated to our friend Stanley! Since this is about education and teaching resources, I thought we could also try a little experiment, a virtual tour of Flat Stanley! Please comment below stating where you are learning about Flat Stanley! I can’t wait to see how far this post travels! Once you’re done with that, come back and check out these fabulous Flat Stanley teaching resources!!

First, be sure to check out the official Flat Stanley Site! You will find tons of resources there, including a whole page of teaching materials! Be sure to also take a look at the Official Flat Stanley Project. After you look there, check these out:

Lesson Plans/Activities

Travel Across the World With Flat Stanley: Activites & Teaching Ideas

Flat Stanley Geography & Letter Writing Lesson for Grades 1-2

Flat Stanley Guided Reading Lesson for Grade 2

Lots of Great Lesson Plans from Lesson Planet

TONS of Great Flat Stanley Teaching Resources for Across the Curriculum

Great Site with Activities for Kids and Resources for Teachers, Including Printable Teaching Guides

Tremendous Collection of Lessons, Activities & More from Share My Lesson

Resources from

Tracking Flat Stanley - 3rd Grade Lesson Plan

Flat Stanley Hollywood Squares Game

Collection of Resources from Scholastic

Online Crossword Puzzle


Flat Stanley Printable Lesson Plan from BookPunch

Flat Stanley Chapter Quizzes ($)

Flat Stanley Teaching Novel Unit ~ Common Core Standards Aligned ($)

Several Printable Worksheets/Puzzles

Flat Stanley Template and Letter

Flat Stanley Crossword Puzzle

Vocabulary Word Unscramble

Enjoy these Flat Stanley Teaching Resources! Please leave a comment below if you have a link to additional resources!




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