2 Free Distance Learning Resource Libraries for Spanish Teachers

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July 29, 2020

FREE Distance Learning Resource Libraries for Spanish Teachers

Whether your school is starting with distance learning or a hybrid model, there is no doubt that you are stressed about the 2020-2021 school year. Undoubtedly, you never would have dreamed that this school year would be starting this way. In addition to worrying about your students, many of you are likely dealing with the added stress of your own children, as well as the anxiety of potentially returning to a classroom.

In fact, trust me, I am right there with you! Presently, both my son and my daughter are facing distance learning scenarios as well. My daughter, a rising high school sophomore, will be engaged in remote learning for at least the first quarter. However, my son, a rising college freshman, is still set to attend school in person and is due to leave in 3 weeks!

At this point, all of his classes but one are less than 20% distance learning. I believe this is because he is in an Honors Program with small class sizes, but I am still nervous!

Anyway, I digress. Since we teachers need to stick together, a bunch of us Spanish teachers came together and compiled 2 amazing resource libraries with 50+ FREE distance learning resources from many of the top Spanish stores on TpT! What’s more, all are digital or distance learning-friendly and ready for you to use in class or at home.

Distance Learning Resource Library for Elementary Spanish Teachers


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First, the PreK-Elementary distance learning collection includes links to 27 FREE resources for Elementary Spanish teachers that you can download and start using today. In fact, while these are labeled as elementary, they are great for anyone wanting to start learning Spanish! This set includes the following resources:

  • Centros Digitales (Word Work Sílabas con B)
  • Feeling Boom Cards
  • Back to School ABC Order Boom Cards in Spanish
  • Boom Cards Freebie Sílabas Finales
  • Sonidos iniciales Boom Cards
  • Tic Tac Toe Bilingual Google Slides
  • Describir los personajes & el ambiente
  • Spanish Colors Digital Flashcards (this one is by me 🙂 )
  • Comprendo Oraciones Boom Cards
  • Digital Task Cards for Numbers
  • Boom Cards Sílabas iniciales
  • Digital Stickers in Spanish
  • Google Slides Virtual Surveys
  • Sílabas iniciales Boom Cards
  • Adivinanzas Vuelta al Cole
  • Spanish Digital Task Cards (Material escolar)
  • Boom Cards in Spanish (Sílabas con ma, me, mi, mo, mu)
  • Complete the Cubes Boom Cards
  • Boom Cards in Spanish (Sílabas iniciales)
  • Digital Task Cards (Los números Boom Cards)
  • Digital Resources for Los Pollitos Dicen Unit 1)
  • Olivia y los pájaros Digital mini-book
  • Spanish Weather Boom Cards
  • Alebrije Counting 0-10 Boom Cards
  • Claves de contexto Boom Cards
  • Vocal “A” Digital Story
  • Digital Teacher Tracker

Distance Learning Resource Library for Secondary Spanish Teachers


FREE Distance Learning Resource Libraries for Spanish Teachers

Next, if you are a secondary Spanish teacher this collection is for you! Again, this is a digital resource library hosted on Google Drive. In order to access the resources, visit TpT to download a free PDF to get the link. Then click on the link to access a folder with 25+ secondary Spanish resources.

The 2020 FREE Distance Learning Resource Library for Secondary Spanish Teachers includes the following awesome resources:

⭐La Ropa Google Drive Activities
⭐Los Cognados Boom Cards
⭐Editable Reading Activities for Google Docs
⭐Mystery Word Number Practice for Google Slides
⭐Activities with GUSTAR Boom Cards

⭐Present Tense -AR Verbs Digital Task Cards
⭐Spanish-speaking Countries & Capitals Google Slides Activity
School Vocabulary Digital Flashcards for Google Slides (this one is also by yours truly 🙂 )
⭐Present Tense Boom Cards
⭐Picasso Break Out Puzzle
⭐Mi Vida Loca Activities

⭐Spanish Introductory Unit Project
⭐Loto de Cuarantena
⭐All About Me Activity for Google Slides
⭐First Days of Spanish 1 Vocabulary Boom Cards

⭐IPA for Distance Learning and Concentration
⭐Classroom Norms for Students
⭐Spanish Verb List and Quiz
⭐Class Routines + Musical Video Clips
⭐SER & Stories

⭐Preguntas Hipotéticas for Conditional Mood
⭐Present Perfect Story
⭐Virtual Learning Lesson Plan Template for Google Docs
⭐Introductions and Greetings Boom Cards
⭐Spanish Weather Digital Flashcards

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, these resources will provide hours of FREE distance learning and practice!

Additional Resources

Finally, be sure to take a look at this post about distance learning: E-Learning Resources for Parents and Teachers. Next, please visit my TpT store for tons of print and digital resources that kids will love! Finally, here are some additional resources that may help:

Do you have any helpful tips for distance learning? If so, please leave a comment! I would LOVE to hear from you!

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