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Fortnite is a craze that kids of all ages love. As a teacher, getting kids engaged is key. Therefore, I have found that Fortnite lesson plans are the perfect way to capture kids’ interest and get them excited to learn. As can be seen, I’ve compiled a list of Fortnite lesson plans, activities, and other ways to incorporate the game into your classroom. Although the majority I found are on Teachers Pay Teachers, many are free. Even more, I have organized these by subject to make finding what you need easier. Additionally, I have indicated whether a resource is free or for purchase.

If you know of or find any more resources, please leave a comment! Happy gaming (I mean learning)!

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Fortnite Lesson Plans by Subject

Language Arts/Reading


Social Studies/History/Geography



Foreign Language/ELL/ESL


Fortnite Printables

Miscellaneous Fortnite Resources

More Fortnite Fun

There is SO much cool Fortnite stuff available now. First, definitely check out this huge collection from Target. Then have fun choosing your favorites from these great finds:


While I have done my best to find a comprehensive list of Fortnite lessons, more appear all the time. Thus, I will do my best to add them to this post. Additionally, be sure to check out my post with tons of Minecraft lessons and activities. Now that you have all of these amazing resources, how will you incorporate them into your curriculum? Finally, please leave a comment sharing your experiences and link any additional resources.




  1. Kirsty

    Thank you so much for this! So useful to have these all collated!

    • mct224

      So glad you can enjoy them! Thank you!


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