FABULOUS Kids’ Cooking Project – Candy Sushi!

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January 6, 2011

My 6 year old daughter takes a great class called Kids’ Cafe that she just loves. Yesterday she came home with a project that was just too cute not to share (and I can personally attest that it was really yummy too)! Here is a photo of her “sushi”:

I don’t have the actual recipe yet because they add to their cookbooks each week and will bring it home at the end of the session, but it looks like they cut rows of Rice Krispie treats into strips about an inch wide and rolled cut up gummie worms and licorice inside. The “seaweed” on the outside is a fruit rollup!

This got me curious, so I did a little searching and found these other great “sushi” recipes for kids:

Candy Sushi by Rachael Ray

“Mock Sushi” from Disney’s Family Fun

Here’s one that is very close to the one my daughter brought home!

Kids’ Recipe for Real Vegetable Maki Sushi

Cookie Sushi Project

Fun, Easy-to-Make Kids’ Sushi




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