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November 24, 2019

Black Friday deals get me excited every year! To be sure, this year is no exception. In fact, I think this year may top all others! Since I am a tired mom and teacher I prefer to shop online. So while you may love the craziness of shopping in the middle of the night, if you’re like me you don’t have to worry. Also, I will be adding deals as they come up, so check back often! Finally, be sure to check the dates on the offers as some may not yet be available!

This post has been updated for 2020!!!

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First, Amazon already has plenty of live Black Friday deals! I already snagged an amazing one - Apple AirPods Pro are now only $169 (down from $249)!! If you are teaching remotely, these are a MUST HAVE!! Additionally, whether you are looking for classroom supplies, toys & games, books, or even something to treat yourself, Amazon has you covered! Clearly, I can’t show you ALL of them, but here are several of my favs (and click each category to see all deals)! Also, please note that the prices shown here are often HIGHER than the current price, so be sure to click the image to see the actual price!

Next, here are several fabulous deals for teachers:

Black Friday Deals for Teachers

  • We love teachers. Educators get 10% off at Fat Brain Toys!t775jy1qwuFKHKMMJKFHJINMPPI
  • What’s more, definitely head to Carson Dellosa Education:
  • Along those lines, Evan-More has this great deal: Use TeacherFileBox FREE for 30 days!7k98qmqeki3858AA78357A9ABD5
  • Products Teachers LOVE also has some awesome deals right now!
  • Next, head over to Learning Resources for Early Access! Shop Black Friday Deals with code: BF25 Shop now!R0JJRUpJTEdCS0pITEZCRklGRUhK PLUS if you sign up for emails you get 30% off your first order!


Black Friday Deals for Parents

Undoubtedly, kids are expensive! So why not take advantage of these terrific deals on everything you need (so you can have money for all the things you and your kids want)! 🙂

Get 2 Months of Adventure Academy for $5!
Black Friday Deals at Tea

Deals for Students

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday 20% OFF Select Test Prep (Exclusions apply: No MCAT & LSAT)

Join Grammarly's Affiliate Program392x72 save

Black Friday Deals on Books

As I have said, I am a bit of a bookworm. Therefore I am always looking for great books for myself, my kids, and my students. Here are some great ones!

unnamedFree Baby Board Books!

Black Friday Deals on Toys

While it’s a bit hard to believe, the holidays will be upon us before we know it. Therefore it makes sense to take advantage of some really great deals on toys this Black Friday and Cyber Monday! As such, here are some of my favs:

LEGO Brand Retail

Deals on Arts & Crafts

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a student, or just someone who loves to be creative, these deals on arts and crafts products are for you:

Deals on Gifts

So I know I already mentioned gifts for kids, but don’t forget the special adults in your life! To that end, don’t miss any of these awesome deals!

Deals for Everyone



I hope you’ve found these deals helpful! I will be adding deals as they come up so be sure to bookmark this post and look at it again! For everyday deals please check out this page which is also frequently updated.




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