Bilingual Book Review & Giveaway

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November 7, 2019

Bilingual Book Review & Giveaway

Cows Can’t Jump - Las vacas no pueden saltar


Surely there is nothing more fun than getting books in the mail! Therefore, I was beyond excited to receive a package from author Dave Reisman with various copies of his bilingual book, Cows Can’t Jump. As soon as I opened each copy I knew that they would be perfect for any bilingual or Spanish classroom.

So what’s the book about?

Is it really true that cows can’t jump, gorillas can’t swim and sloths can’t leap? Yes, but discover what these and other animals can do, as they swing, scamper and glide through “Cows Can’t Jump”! In this humorous and inspirational adventure, animals focus on what they do best, comfortably aware they can’t do everything, but proud of their own special skills. Vibrantly illustrated, “Cows Can’t Jump” will help young readers learn diverse and dynamic words, while absorbing a subtle yet powerful message that builds self-esteem and teaches respect and humility.

Although there is an English version, since I am a Spanish teacher I was most interested in the bilingual book. In fact, according to the author, “by listening to and reading aloud Las vacas no pueden saltar, young children will learn the names of numerous animals and be exposed to “rare” words, reinforcing early reading skills and a love of books.”

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Cows Can’t Jump is featured on the Recommended Children’s Books list of the award-winning early literacy organization Parent-Child+. Marla Conn of Read-Ability ( has high praise: “I absolutely love the Cows Can’t series! The rhythmic text with repeated lines and predictable language structure is great for beginning readers! The illustrations are adorable and the message is clear and relevant!! We are all special in our own way. Thank you for sharing this series with me!!”

Bilingual Book Product Information


Paperback (Second Edition)

*ISBN 978-0980143362

*44 glossy pages plus glossy covers (9.375″ x 6.375″ x 0.30″)

*MSRP $7.99

Stubby & Stout™ Board-book (Second Edition)

*ISBN 978-0980143379

*44 glossy pages plus glossy covers (9.375″ x 6.375″ x 0.30″)

*MSRP $7.99

Bilingual Book Review


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First, as an elementary Spanish teacher, I cannot say enough about the benefit of bilingual books. When kids can see and hear words in 2 different languages it allows them to quickly process and retain the new vocabulary. Further, reading aloud in the target language reinforces correct pronunciation. Las vacas no pueden saltar is a perfect combination of fun words and adorable illustrations. Undoubtedly kids will adore the book and not realize they are actually learning! 🙂 Moreover, having both board and paperback versions is great as more kids can enjoy them! Overall, this is a fabulous book and I highly recommend it. You can purchase it here, and get fun free printable resources here. Even better, enter below to win signed copies of the paperback AND board books!


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