January 13, 2017

Spanish Alphabet -
5 Ways to Teach Kids

It’s Friday the 13th and a full moon! Wishing good luck to all teachers and parents today! If you’re looking for something fun, try teaching the Spanish alphabet to kids!

Teach Spanish Alphabet

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday with 5 fun ways to help kids learn the Spanish alphabet. Thank you for hosting, Kacey!

Spanish Alphabet 1


First, my students (as well as my own kids) absolutely LOVE Basho! For example, Basho’s video for teaching the Spanish Alphabet is an absolute favorite. It is catchy, easy to understand, and fun! Here is the video (don’t be surprised if you start singing along!):

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Printable Cards

Second, these adorable cards are a great way to reinforce the Spanish alphabet. They can easily be printed and displayed in your classroom or playroom. In fact, kids will look up and see them and practice their Spanish alphabet without even realizing it! Moreover, you can also print them smaller and use them as flashcards. However you choose to use them, kids will love using them to learn Spanish. To demonstrate what the cards look like, here are a few examples; click on any of them to see the whole set!

Alphabet Cards Preview 2
Alphabet Cards Preview 3
Alphabet Cards Preview 4
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Spanish Alphabet Book

In addition, books are always a favorite for learning the Spanish alphabet. For example, here is one that I love called A is for Airplane/A es para avión.

61dVb E6A3L

As you can see, this book is an adorable way of practicing the Spanish alphabet. Since it is in both English and Spanish, it makes learning the letters much easier. Additionally, the bright colors and cute pictures make this an enjoyable book for all ages!

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Next, games are always a great way of learning as well as reinforcing skills. In fact, there are tons of games to help kids practice the Spanish alphabet. One of my favorites is the Spanish version of Bananagrams.

Spanish Alphabet

Another reason this is a great game is that it can be played with as much or as little difficulty as you want. Alternatively, younger kids can even simply use the tiles to practice saying the letters. Even better, if playing as a game, 1-8 players can play. In short, Bananagrams is definitely a fabulous way for kids (and adults) to have fun with the Spanish alphabet!

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Finally, I have always loved puzzles. Puzzles are fun alone or in a group. In fact, there are tons of puzzles that feature the Spanish alphabet. Here is one that is great for all ages:

Spanish Alphabet

Kids will have so much fun putting this puzzle together that they won’t realize they are learning!  Click here to order.

I hope these resources help you teach the Spanish alphabet! If you would like to see more Spanish lessons, check out these on numbers and animals! Here are a few more that you may enjoy:

I’d love to know which is your favorite so please leave a comment and share. Have a fabulous weekend!!

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