Review: Discover with Dr. Cool Science Kits for Kids

Discover with Dr. Cool Science Kits for Kids

Have you heard of Discover with Dr. Cool Science Kits? I hadn’t until recently, when I was asked to try one out for myself. Wow! What a wonderful, educational product!  Discover with Dr. Cool kits are award winning educational toys for kids. They are built on the premise that kids science education should be fun, whether teaching at home or in the classroom. Browse their great selection of excavation and dig kits, fantastic fossil kits and great additions to any fair. Teacher approved, these learning toys were designed to be fun, but also to teach children about the science of the world around them. Since my nine year old daughter became very interested in rocks and minerals when we visited Wyoming last year, I decided to try the Gemstone Dig Kit. Here is the package it came in – definitely caught both of our eyes and made us excited and interested! My daughter couldn’t wait to start!

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We took everything out and noticed the quality of the items and the great instructions it came with. Here is some product information from Dr. Cool:

Excavate 3 real gemstone specimens with this incredible hands-on excavation kit. Buried within a gemstone-shaped digging brick, your treasure hunter will dig out a real amethyst crystal, a quartz crystal point and a tiger’s eye specimen! This hands-on adventure science kit is a great way to start a rock and mineral collection and includes an excavation tool, brush, and magnifying glass. There’s also a wonderful full-color information guide (written by teachers) so that you can identify and learn about each gemstone. Plus there’s an activity booklet with 10 fun games, puzzles, and challenges to complete. This is a must-have gift for the rock hound or treasure hunter in your family! AWARDS WON: Preferred Choice Award – Creative Child Magazine 2012 and Seal of Excellence – Creative Child Magazine 2012

My daughter had so much fun with this kit. When I first opened it I was impressed with the number of items and the quality of the product. We enjoyed reading together about the gemstones and how to “excavate” them. Then she got started! A first she decided to start from the side with all of the spikes.

Picture17Review 3-15-14 14

She then decided to try to dig from the bottom, and got very excited when she began chipping away at the rock.

When she began to see something she couldn’t wait to get it out – but it took some time (which I liked, as similar kits took 5 minutes from start to finish)!

Review 3-15-14 8Review 3-15-14 9Review 3-15-14 7

 After some more excavating, she finally was able to crack it open!

Review 3-15-14 6

After a bit more work, she successfully excavated the Tiger Eye, Amethyst, and Quartz Crystal Point. She was so excited and wanted to learn more about the gemstones, so we read about them in the included booklet, which was fabulous! Then she washed off her treasures to make them clean and shiny.

Review 3-15-14 5Review 3-15-14 2
Alexa and her treasures

Alexa and her treasures

This was a super fun, educational activity that we enjoyed doing together. It took about 45 minutes, and held her attention the entire time (I was thrilled to have her not playing Minecraft :))! After we were finished we discussed the project and how she could do the included activity book to learn more about gemstones and excavation. I would absolutely recommend Discover with Dr. Cool Science Kits for the classroom or playroom! We will certainly be ordering more here!

Checking out her science gemstones with the included magnifying glass.

Checking out her gemstones with the included magnifying glass.

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