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Raise your hand if you have dozens (maybe hundreds?) of photos taking up space on your camera, computer hard drive, or even your phone (my hand is admittedly being raised right now)! Photo books are the perfect way to organize all of those pictures and preserve your memories. If you are a teacher, creating a class yearbook is a fabulous way to remember your students and even the lessons you taught. If you are a parent, photo books are the perfect way to organize your memories – from birthday parties, to vacations, to life’s everyday moments. Not only will you clear your hard drives and memory cards, you’ll be able to cross something off your list and have a gorgeous book to show for it. I absolutely love the books I have ordered from Blurb, and they make it super easy for you to create your own. I think there’s nothing quite like having your favorite photos in an actual, physical book.  And while there are other services out there, Blurb is really the best.

But what does it take to make your own photo book with Blurb? It’s surprisingly easy. I’ve outlined the steps below:

Make a Photo Book with Blurb! 

Photo Book

Make a Photo Book with Blurb! 

Select your favorite shots from your computer. You can always add more photos when you actually make your book, but a little pre-editing can ease you along.

Organize your shots in the way you want them to appear. Be sure to name image files in order as well, so that when you upload them, you’ll be able to flow images in according to file name. (Example: 2013BestMomentsBook.1.jpg)

Download Blurb’s free book-making tool, BookSmart

Choose your book size, name your book, and choose your default layout type.


Upload your photos. You can easily rearrange them once they’re in the layout.

Play around a little. Alternate layouts depending on the event or number of photos you want to see per page. Mix it up a little.

Once complete, be sure to do a solid proof. And better yet, get it in front of another pair of eyes. Fix any typos or mistakes.

Order your Blurb book! Don’t forget to enter coupon code MARCHSAVINGS to Save 25% on print book orders $75+

Enjoy your photo book!

**FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and make a purchase.

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