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As a mom and elementary teacher I struggled for YEARS trying to keep my nails looking good, but nothing ever worked. I tried polish (never could get enough time alone to allow it to dry, or if I actually did they chipped in seconds); I tried the drug store gel nail kit (what a MESS!); I got a no-chip manicure which I admit I loved, but when it came time to get it off it was ridiculous – either pay again to get it removed, or spend hours and bottles of polish remover – no thanks; I even tried the new decals (some that were actually polish and smelled awful) – nothing lasted. I was pretty sad because pre-kids and job I had pretty gorgeous nails (if I do say so myself 🙂 ).

Fast forward to last spring. I was about to go in for my 2nd back surgery in less than a year (and have had a 3rd since, but that’s another post for another day) when my friend (and Barefoot Books sponsor) told me about Jamberry Nail Wraps. I had never heard of them, and based on past experience, was pretty skeptical, but since I trusted her and she wanted me to look good for surgery, I agreed to try Jamberry. OMG. When I say life changing I am not exaggerating. First off, they were easy to apply and once on, NO MESS – they were dry! Secondly, wow did they look GOOD. All the nurses were commenting on them and wanted to know where to get them! Ok, so they were easy to apply and looked good, but did they last?

I returned to work after 6 weeks of recovery and put my fingernails to the test (the Jams on my toes were still going strong, but I put new ones on before returning to school). Aside from both teachers and girls oohing and ahhing, I wanted to make sure Jamberry lived up to my high expectations before I decided to become a consultant myself. After a week of teaching they still looked great. This in addition to cooking and cleaning at home. I was impressed. Fast forward a few more weeks when it was time to clean the classroom for summer vacation. I couldn’t believe it, but my nails survived the removal of a gazillion staples from bulletin boards, tape removal from posters, and scrubbing of tables. I was hooked and still am.

As some general information, Jamberry Nail wraps are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found anywhere else. This special material is both pressure and heat (blow dryer) activated to create a water tight bond to your nail. The wraps are made in the USA and are non-toxic with no harsh chemicals (they are actually VEGAN!).

All nail wraps:

  • Can be applied in 15 minutes
  • Can be removed in 5 minutes
  • Have enough wraps for 2 to 3 applications (often more depending on nail length) on fingers and/or toes
  • Last 2 weeks on fingers, 6 – 8 weeks on toes
  • Are NOT nail polish so they will not chip
  • Have no harsh chemicals and are latex-free
  • Are vegan and gluten-free
  • Are made in the USA

Wraps are $15 and Buy 3 Get 1 FREE! You can shop any time at

So, have I intrigued you? If so, please enter my giveaway and you could win a $15 Jamberry eGift Card to try them for yourself! If you want to earn even MORE free products, consider hosting an online event. I set it up and maintain it, you just invite friends and watch the rewards stack up! If you want more information please click here! For another chance to win tons of FREE Jamberry, check out the Mystery Hostess Event going on from now through December 2. I can’t wait for you all to try and love Jamberry! The entry form is below – good luck!

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  1. Right now i like the etched leaf design

  2. Beth K. Parrish says:

    Jamberry Nail wraps are a solid film covering made of a non toxic vinyl material that are applied directly to your nails. This special material is both heat activated and pressure activated to create a water tight bond to your nail. They are made in the USA, with no harsh chemicals and are latex free.

    are the coolest

  4. I really like Wrapped Up!

  5. I would love the Merry Christmas ones just in time for the holidays!

  6. I like the purple giraffe wraps.

  7. If I won the jamberry gift card my choices would be tough. I have 3 favorites that are heart strings, chalk hearts & winter wonderland! However, they are all sooo tempting!

  8. I’m torn…lol practical me says White Tip on Pale Pink Short but my wild side says one of the feathery or animal prints would be nice

  9. I like the PINK & PURPLE PEACOCK!

  10. pink tiger

  11. elizabeth moore says:

    I adore jamberry, they are so amazing.

  12. Darlene Carbajal says:

    i like the untamed print. 🙂

  13. Natalie yeoman says:

    I’d buy the wild thing wraps

  14. i would get sassy tiger or pink zebra 🙂

  15. I love the houndstooth!


  17. michelle koerner says:

    I have always wanted to try these. I like the puff flower design

  18. I like on the prowl!

  19. Jill Rivera says:

    Cow print for a different unique look. Yes! I’m up for that color.

  20. Holly Storm-Burge says:

    I would get a sheet of Take Flight shields.

  21. I’d probably buy the black and white stripe

  22. I like the wild thing

  23. I’d buy the wild thing wraps

  24. I’m thinking one of the cute holiday wraps. Either Wonderland or Deck the Halls or maybe even Flurries & Frosty. I’ve been wanting to do something with my boring nails and this would be fun to try.

  25. Katie Bellamy says:

    I like What A Croc!

  26. Brigette Streeper says:

    I really like Early Bird.


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