My Barefoot Books Interview Plus Enter to Win Free Books!

I am honored to be featured in One Little Indian’s WAHM Direct Sales Week! Here is the interview (and, after you read it, please go to One Little Indian Blog to enter to win the prize discussed in the interview)!

WAHM Direct Sales Week presents Barefoot Books with Marcy


Woohoo! We are now coming upon Day 3 of our WAHM Direct Sales Week. I really hope that you have enjoyed reading about the different work at home opportunities that we have featured, stay tuned for more! I love learning about new to me companies and this event has been such a blessing for that. I had heard of Barefoot Books in the past but I guess I never realized that it was a Direct Sales company, I thought it was just one company you bought books from, boy was I wrong. What a great company! Read on.

Meet Marcy

Hello! And thank you for joining us for One Little Indian’s WAHM Direct Sales Week, Please introduce yourself to our readers:

Hi! My name is Marcy Turner. I am from Highland Park, Illinois (a Northern Chicago Suburb on Lake Michigan). I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Spanish Concentration, in 1995. Although I loved teaching, I felt that my education was not complete and therefore decided to attend law school. I attended Loyola University Chicago School of Law where I focused on child law, including serving as the Managing Editor of the Children’s Legal Rights Journal, where I had an article published regarding children and Internet safety. I graduated in 1999 with a Juris Doctor and fortunately passed the bar on the first attempt. I practiced law from 1999-2010 but never enjoyed it and hated being away from my family so much. I therefore decided to try to find something I could do from home that would better reflect my interests and values, while allowing me the precious time home with my family. I was fortunate enough to discover Barefoot Books and became an Ambassador in early 2011. I love these products, the company, and most of all, the ability to earn money while setting my own schedule.

I have been married 14.5 years to my husband Jason, and have two children Sam (just turned 10) and Alexa (will turn 7 next month). I love to play tennis and softball, do various crafts, and, of course, read!

How did you first hear about the company you now represent and what made you want to join?

I discovered Barefoot Books when searching for new resources for my blog/website, Fabulous Classroom. One of my new followers on Twitter is an Ambassador and sent me some information on the company, products, and being an Ambassador. As soon as I started looking at the products, I knew Barefoot Books was an excellent match for me, as their focus on multiculturalism, green living, and promoting good values are issues that are extremely important to me.

How easy was getting your “foot in the door” with your company, Were there any costs associated with joining and what did you get for these costs?

It was SO easy! All I had to do was fill out a few simple forms online and that was it! When I joined there were no costs other than the products I chose to purchase (to use for display purposes at events). The company recently changed the program and now require new ambassadors to purchase a Starter Kit for $139.99. This kit has a retail price of over $300 and ships for free! It actually SAVES you money because it comes with everything you need to get started (which you would have likely purchased anyway for a lot more). Plus if you sign up in November you get a free Barefoot Books Atlas which is worth $19.99

We all know that having a Down line is important in any Direct Sales Business, How did you go about getting your down line to join you? How many people do you currently sponsor for your company?

I currently do not have a down line and am seeking people to join me in this awesome business. I wanted to become absolutely comfortable with the company and its products before seeking ambassadors to join my team; I am now definitely at that point and excited to share my knowledge with other people looking to make money from home! I am part of a team that has 3 team leaders above me.

Do you do home parties? If so tell me a little about how a typical party might run? How much work goes into a party? How many home parties do you do a month?

Yes! I typically like to send an Evite and/or Facebook event invitation several weeks before the party to invite people and give them more information about the products. A typical party will run a few hours (although sometimes I will do parties that run a few hours during the day and then a few more at night so people who work can attend). I like to set out a nice display of products (when I first started I even took out a bunch of Barefoot Books from our local library to display) that people can easily see and look through. I also keep my laptop on hand to show people some of our fabulous videos and other products I don’t have on hand. There is no formal presentation, just mingling and perusing the products! I like to entice people by stating on the invite that snacks will be provided as well.  I typically do 1 party a month (as well as online parties – see below) but hope to do more during the holiday season.
Do you “Have” to do home parties to be a consultant? What other ways can I sell the product?

No! Ambassadors can do at home parties OR online parties:

· Promote Barefoot products via e-mail or online through websites, e-shops, blogs, social networking profiles and more.

· Drive people to your website by adding Barefoot banners and buttons to your blog, to websites you establish relationships with, and to your e-mail.

· Place text and graphic links that carry your information through to us, so you can get credit for sales.

· Receive detailed reporting on customer sales and have access to your own personal Barefoot Books web office.

These resources (buttons, links, etc.) are all available FREE for you to download! It is really easy!

How much in sales does a home party have to earn for the hostess to get discounts/free products? Tell us about the discounts for parties! I’m nosy, I’d love to hear what I could potentially earn from hosting a party with your company.

Ambassadors have the flexibility to create any hostess plan they would like. I use the plan my leader uses, as I believe it be fair for both the hostess and the ambassador, and good enough to draw people in to host!

Here it is:

As a hostess you will receive a hostess gift and FREE books based upon your party’s sales.

· $300 – $399                       $25 in FREE Books
· $400 – $499                       $50 in FREE Books
· $500 – $599                       $75 in FREE Books
$600+ = 25% of your Party total in FREE Books

For orders under $300, you will receive 15% off your order.

Booking Bonus – When a guest books a party, you will receive a 15% discount on your order at their party or after their party is held.

And the big question, If I were a Rep. for your company what can I expect to earn in commission? What is the “rate”?

Ambassadors earn money in “steps” based on annual sales. You start off earning 20% back in commission on every sale PLUS loyalty points which you can use for FREE products. For the first $500 in sales you get 20% back; after $500 you get 30% back; and after $5000, 40% (more info can be found HERE). PERSONAL PURCHASES COUNT! So all of the items you purchase for yourself or to sell/display at parties are really 20-40% off!

Here is the blurb from our company:

No matter how you choose to work with us, you’ll receive competitive compensation and rewards based on your sales history.

· Bring in commissions with your very first order.
· Earn 20-40% of the retail value of  your sales
· Collect loyalty points in addition to your commission.
· Win rewards and prizes, including original art, great gifts and even Barefoot journeys to far-away places.
· Take advantage of seasonal sales and monthly special offers with attractive discounts.
· Obtain exclusive access to Ambassador areas of our community forums.
· Get sneak peeks of manuscripts and artwork for new Barefoot Books titles and the chance to offer your feedback and ideas in our product development process.
· Earn bonuses for spreading the word about Barefoot Books and the Ambassador opportunity.

Is it easy to advance in your company? How long have you been a consultant and how quickly did you advance?

It is very easy to advance – I got to the second step in less than 2 months! It really depends how much time you are willing to put into it and how many parties you book. The more you sell, the faster you will get to the 3rd step (40% commission).

Is there a minimum is sales that you have to make to remain “active” or to keep your status in your company? How do you attain that? Is it easy?


What support do you provide to those that sign up under you? If I signed up I’d be so lost! Tell me how you would help me to get started and to be successful if I’ve never been in the Direct Sales Business before?

I would provide you with everything you need to get started, from details on how to host parties, links to everything you need to get started, etc. I would also be available via email at all times for any questions or concerns.

Does your company have any kind of training for new consultants? What about “Special Events”?

There are TONS of training materials available for ambassadors online, from videos to chat forums and more!

Are there any other special “Perks” that your company provides? Such as free products, extra cash, trips, etc. for anything?

The company always has contests for awesome prizes like trips, books, and more. Also, a new Ambassador is eligible for three exciting Kickstart Bonuses which will get your Barefoot Books business off to a great start! You can receive free products and Ambassador Sales Aids when you reach specific sales levels in your first 45 days. Here are the details:

Kickstart 1:

· SELL: $250 QV in 1st 25 days.
· EARN:  Bonus kit of books and gifts worth $125

Kickstart 2:

· SELL: Total of $500 QV in 1st 45 days.
· EARN: A 2nd bonus kit of books and gifts worth $125
· That’s a total bonus of $250 in free products if you hit Kickstart 1 and 2.

Kickstart 3:

·  ACHIEVE: Kickstart 2.
· SPONSOR: One new Ambassador in 1st 45 days.
· EARN: Business kit with Barefoot branded promotional flyers, category and subject display signage and an exclusive Barefoot Books apron

image What is one product that seems to be a big seller?

Right now the Yoga Cards and Kid’s Kitchen are big hits at my parties!

What is your favorite product from your company?

I honestly cannot choose a favorite – I seriously love everything. I do really love the story The Fairie’s Gift though!

Have you ever been a consultant for any other company prior to joining your company?


Thank you Marcy for sharing with everyone just what a great rewarding opportunity Barefoot Books really is!

Want to Win? Marcy has generously offered one of our lucky readers the fun Animal Boogie Gift Set!  Giveaway will end on Oct. 30th at 12:01am. To enter fill out the Rafflecopter Form here.

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