Back to School Deals Part 2 – Plus TONS of Free Resources!

Our house is buzzing with the excitement of school starting next week! Have your kids started yet? Whether they have already started or will be starting in the next few weeks, you simply can’t afford to miss these FABULOUS back to school deals!


Back to School Promotion -
30% off Chronicle Kids Books

Speakaboos USA, LLC

Save on Back To School Personalized Items from Personalization Mall with coupon SCHOOL15

Label Daddy Special! 20 free labels!  50 labels total for $9.95.

Save 25% on ClickN READ and ClickN SPELL

Free Calendar for the School Year! Back to School Sale

Even more fabulous deals!

If you are a teacher or parent looking for great ways to get kids excited about the new school year while having fun AND learning, check out these terrific resources (most are free!), including lessons and printables!

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