Fabulous Deal on a Great Kids’ Spelling Tool!

Today’s Plum District Deal is perfect for educators and parents looking to boost their children’s spelling skills!

They say the easiest way to tackle a tricky problem is to break it down into parts. The people behind Spell-A-Cadabra have found out that’s definitely true for spelling! If your child is having difficulty getting the hang of spelling, you’re going to want to grab today’s Plum Deal.

Spell-A-Cadabra is a fun, simple, engaging method of teaching children how to spell. No more rote memorization! Using a graphic tool (it looks like a hand, and is in fact modeled after the hand of one of Spell-A-Cadabra’s young creators) and dry-erase markers, it encourage kids to break words down into their component parts, like syllables. This multi-sensory technique keeps learners engaged—and what’s best, Spell-A-Cadabra makes spelling quick and fun! It even improves critical-thinking skills by bridging the gap between hearing spoken words and spelling those words on the page.

Spelling in our tricky language can be tough for even the most hard-working students. With this Plum Deal, you get two Spell-A-Cadabra kits that can turn tedium and frustration for your child into mastery and success!

Also, don’t forget, Plum District is offering First time Plum District buyers 10% off their first purchase! Enter the promo code “plumholiday” at checkout between Dec 13 and Dec 24 at 11:59pm PST, 2010.

Click here for more information and to make your purchase!

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