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January 17, 2011

“10 Google Forms for the Classroom

With the new school year fast approaching for us in England – and well on its way in other parts of the world – I thought I would share 10 ideas for using Forms in the classroom.

Google have brought them up front a bit as you can now create a new form from the NEW menu on your Docs home page. I have always liked the way that the data entry point (the form) and the collection location (the spreadsheet) are linked together – its a great tool and I hope to use it more throughout this year. Take a look here for a more detailed introduction and guide to using and creating a Google Form – this was written prior to Google bringing forms into the NEW menu.

I have created example forms for each of the different topics, follow the links in each of the ten sections. With help from a Googler I have included a link so that you can get your own copy of the form – click on the appropriate link and it should open in your docs home.”

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10 Google Forms for the Classroom | edte.ch.




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