Teaching Resources to Celebrate the Birthday of Dr Seuss!

*Updated 3/2/14

Dr Seuss‘s birthday is today!

Ted Geisel (Dr Seuss)

In order to help you celebrate, here is a huge collection of resources that children (and adults!) are sure to love!

If you haven’t visited Seussville, you must! In addition to having a huge collection of games, activities, information and more for kids (adults too! :)), there is an entire section devoted to educators, with lesson plans, printable activities, a learning library, and more!

Apples4theTeacher has an incredible selection of resources for Read Across America and the celebration of Dr Seuss’s Birthday. Find author study resources, literature character costumes, a complete list of books, online games, quizzes, printables and select book reviews. Click here to see them all!

Seussology Fun With Dr Seuss Stories

  • Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss have just signed a contract to build a theme park. The major attraction in the park is Dr. Seuss Land. Disney knows that kids have the best imaginations. Therefore, you have been asked to design an attraction for the park. Your attraction could be a ride, show or place to eat. The theme of your attraction must be a Dr. Seuss story or character. View the full lesson plan here.
  • Awesome collection of cross-curricular activities, lesson plans, and more featuring 15 Dr. Seuss Books from A to Z Teacher Stuff. Click here to see them!


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Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!!!

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