Lesson Plans for World Autism Awareness Month


From the Autism Society:

Nearly a quarter century ago, the Autism Society launched a nationwide effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all, and assure that each person with ASD is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life. This year we want to go beyond simply promoting autism awareness to encouraging friends and collaborators to become partners in movement toward acceptance and appreciation.

Let’s embrace a new perspective. For 50 years we have worked in communities (both large and small) to ensure our actions, through our services and programming, supported all individuals living with autism. Let’s expand this work to focus on the rest of us – ensuring acceptance and inclusion in schools and communities that results in true appreciation of the unique aspects of all people. We want to get one step closer to a society where those with ASDs are truly valued for their unique talents and gifts.

Join us in celebration for 2015 National Autism Awareness Month to promote awareness, autism acceptance and to draw attention to the tens of thousands facing an autism diagnosis each year.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, or student, the odds are that someone with Autism has touched your life in some way. In order to promote awareness and support research, there are tons of things that both adults and children can do. Here are some of my favorites:

Learning Activities/Lesson Plans to Raise Autism Awareness

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