Lesson – Teaching Spanish Colors

Teaching Spanish Colors 

I recently began teaching a Spanish class for an after school club at a local elementary school. I am unbelievably lucky – there are only 3 children in the class! I am having so much fun already (after only 2 classes) and decided I should share! I like to incorporate various concepts into lessons, but like to start the first class with a lesson on Spanish colors, since they can be incorporated with so many other concepts! The class is 1 hour long, and we could probably have used another hour because the kids really got into their art projects! 🙂

I start and end class with welcome and good-bye songs. You can download a free printable of these songs here.

Next, I introduced the Spanish colors using cards I created and laminated. There is one card (seen at left) featuring all of the colors, and 11 more cards, each with a different color and pictures of a bunch of items that are commonly that color. Click here or on the image to download the entire set for only $5 at my TPT store!


After we went through the Spanish colors, I read the story Purple, Green & Yellow by Robert Munsch. Each time a color was mentioned in the story I would say the Spanish word instead of the English word. I passed out the color cards (a few to each child) and instructed them to raise their card up whenever they heard the color on the card. They loved being involved in the story!

Next, we sang a song.  I handed out a Colors Song with the words that you can download for free here) to reinforce the colors.

Finally, we did an art project to use everything we learned. Each child traced his/her hand onto a piece of construction paper – one for each color – and wrote the Spanish word for the color on the hand. The hands were then cut out and glued onto a bigger piece of paper in a rainbow pattern. I provided cut-out letters for the children to spell out Los Colores under the rainbow. Then the children each wrote “My favorite color is …… because …..” on the bottom. They turned out super cute! Here is the sample one I made:

Here are some additional resources you can use to help teach the colors in Spanish:

¡Divertirse aprendiendo y enseñando a los colores en español!! (Have fun learning about and teaching Spanish colors!!)


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  1. It sounds like a fun class! My guess is you will have more students soon, if others can still join. I’m so glad there are teachers out there making Spanish fun for kids! If you need any ideas, check out Spanish Playground. ¡Que lo pases muy bien en clase!

  2. This looks like so much fun!!!!


  3. It looks and sounds like you are doing a great job of teaching color fundamentals to these young Spanish students. It always helps to make the subject matter fun and more interesting. Very nice!

  4. hola , yo tambien voy a empezar con un grupo , solo que no se si me puedas ayudar a conseguir un link en el cual te escriba la pronunciacion de alguna palabra en espanol al modo que un nino americano no sabe el abecedario en espanol …

  5. Hi im a spanish teacher for kids from 1 to 10 years of age, I was trying to find an interesting way to teach my kids the colors and this is definitely helpful especially the rainbow colors thank you so much for sure your ideas

  6. I have also just started teaching Spanish in our elementary after-school program once a week. I love your lesson on colors, which is this week’s topic. I may borrow some of your great ideas. ¡Gracias por compartir!

  7. Brian Brshears says:

    I too am starting a Spanish enrichment club after school. How long did you run this club? I have found your lessons on number, animals, and colors. Do you have more? I’m starting my club from scratch and I would like it to be successful for years to come. If you have more of your experiences with your club I would love to read about them.

    • So sorry for the delay – your comment somehow ended up in spam. We ran our club 1-2 times per month and focused more on cultural events – so if a holiday was coming up we would learn about it in Spanish, then do a craft, enjoy an authentic treat, see a video, etc. I have tons more lessons but haven’t had the time to post them. I am hoping to soon so please check back! Good luck!


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