Hot Deals on Educational Products!

Wow is it HOT outside (remind me when I am complaining about subzero temps next winter)! 🙂 If you are hiding out inside enjoying the a/c, check out these equally hot deals on some fabulous educational products. Teachers and parents can get a jump start on stocking up for the new school year; save money and cross some things off of your to-do list!

$15 for $30 Worth of Educational CD’s and DVD’s from Readeez

The Readeez system is simple and effective. With colorful, entertaining DVD’s and CD’s, children are simultaneously exposed to the meaning, physical appearance, spelling and syllable-by-syllable pronunciation of every word. By encoding meaning simultaneously in their minds, they’ll not only learn, they’ll remember forever. And the stories are so fun, they’ll be begging for their favorite Readeez stories over and over again. Your brilliant kids will love their Readeez without even knowing how much they’re learning. Give your kids an academic edge and a giggling good time as they open their minds to a world of words!

Discount School Supply has everything teachers and parents need to stock classrooms, playrooms, craft centers and more! Right now, they are offering 20% off your entire order until July 25! Simply enter TWENTYEV at checkout for the discount!

frecklebox has absolutely adorable personalized products that are perfect for school! I bought a notebook, clipboard and folder for my daughter in the unicorn style and they are not only cute, but durable and practical (and she loves that her name is on everything)! They have binders, notebooks, folders, lunch boxes, stickers, bookmarks and more! Even better, use code FREETEE for 15% off your entire order by July 22, 2011.

LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.

$10 off Orders of $60 or More at! Use promo code LIMITED. Offer valid July 13th through July 30th.

Embrace Your Inner Organizer with FranklinCovey

Shop Now & Save 20% Plus Free Shipping on Orders over $75at FranklinCovey. Use Code 21093.

More hot deals!

LEGO Brand Retail

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  1. I love leapfrog, my kids do too! They have their own leapfrog toys, but still insist on fighting over the same one, lol!

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