Language Arts Lessons : Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial Writing Prompts

Super Bowl Writing Prompts

Did you enjoy this VW Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial as much as we did in our house? Why not use in in your classroom as a language arts lesson featuring writing prompts? Check out this lesson based on the wonderful commercial shown during the Superbowl: Language Arts Lessons: Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial Writing Prompts.

What is a writing prompt?

According to, a writing prompt is a statement or question designed to get students to think about a topic in depth and motivate them to produce their best, most expertly expressed writing.

If your students or children have trouble coming up with ideas to write about, writing prompts are an extremely useful tool. Using current events, characters children like, etc. engages students because kids like to discuss (and therefore write about!) things that interest them (like the Super Bowl)!

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